Baildon at Christmas

Christmas arrives at Baildon with a huge treat – not the edible variety, though I’m sure there will be lots of that to come, but in the form of a concert, in which we (Village Voices) were highly proud to perform.

Village Voices performing at ‘Baildon at Christmas’

We were singing a collection of festive choral works and well known Carols from throughout the ages, and added a little spice, in the form of a couple of virtuoso instrumental pieces from Grace (flute), and Ros & Bex (Piano). We all had an amazingly fun time performing.

As ever, the talent on display was amazing, Grace was awesome, as was Sarah, singing ‘Somewhere Over the RainBow’ as a solo – BEAUTIFUL!

Even Mervyn’s customary anecdotal introductions to the pieces were on point as ever! (should I apologize for the appalling puns?).

Afterwards, whilst heading for a quick costume change (your humble author had another choir to sing with afterwards) I overheard a gentleman proudly telling a friend that we were “absolutely amazing, truly beautiful” – high praise indeed.

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed the concert, performers and audience all.

And on a personal note, for me, it’s sometimes simply knowing that people really love what you are doing that really makes me feel good.

Finally let me add a note that we received as a thank you:

Dear Ros,
Please forward to the choir, a huge thank you to everyone who sang and played today with Voices.

Despite being in the choir myself, perhaps I may be permitted to say that I thought we did very well!! I know many in the audience really enjoyed our “set”, and it all bodes well for our Christmas concert!

And many thanks as well to our wonderful soloists.

The piano duettists weren’t bad either!!

A great start to the Christmas season, thank you.

Best wishes from Chris Flecknoe and all at Wesleys