Christmas Awesome

So I’ve just got back from our Christmas Concert – what a blast, I’m positively buzzing.

Opening with John Rutter’s ‘Star Carol’, we performed a range of Christmas songs, both old and new, some upbeat, some slower paced, but all beautiful.

Our soloists were once again on fire:
Young Milly Brooke was amazing playing Howard Blake’s The Snowman; truly jaw dropping for one so young.
Our almost resident flautist, Grace and her friend Mia, performed Jona Lewie’s Stop the Cavalry and the famous See amid the winter’s snow.
Bex’s Fingers must have nearly melted playing Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter by John Williams – that’s was some seriously fast pianoing (is that even a word?) well done Bex!
Finally, Mark Sherwood took the lead for Three Kings from Persian Lands (Peter Cornelius), a very brave boy, it’s not an easy song to sing.

Afterwards I spoke to friends in the audience, who really enjoyed the concert and at one point tried to sing along and realising that it’s not as easy as we make it seem said “erm – NO!”

Speaking to the choir members afterwards, it would seem that all had fun performing and really enjoyed themselves – something that I think comes across in the performance.
“Giving it some” for Vivaldi’s Gloria was personal highlight, as was the poignant and beautiful Coventry Choir.

Here’s a brief taste of the concert for you to enjoy…

Village Voice perform Vivaldi’s Gloria

Proceeds from the concert went to the ‘Run on Sun Appeal’ for solar panels for Glenaire Primary School in Baildon, and the choir music fund.

“And so this is Christmas” as one lyrical poet said, and I hope it is a magical and fantastic time, and I hope you have an amazing New Year.