Screen time

Songs of stage and screen – a title leading to an eclectic mix of music it seems.

Village Voices latest show was a marvellous musical menagerie of tunes spanning the generations and all chosen to delight the audience.

The famed ‘West Side Story’ opened the concert with Tonight, America and Somewhere – all sung well and America introduced some acting!

Next Alison and myself attempted the haunting ‘Scarborough Fair’ Sadly we made a few mistakes, but people were very kind to us – 1st time nerves! We’ll be better next time.

Reflecting the warmth and easy going times – Summertime from Porgy and Bess – The jazzy harmonies here were an amazing sound!

Our own Tenor Mark Jumped up for a solo rendition of Freddie Mercury’s ‘My Melancholy Blues’ – he camped it up a bit in a Fedora and a (sadly empty) glass!

A special mention for all our soloists – Becs was again exercising her speedy fingers with Queens ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Emma performed an amusing character piece, ‘Popular’ from the musical Wicked. complete with actions and accents!

And in their first public performance, the Belle Canto ensemble sang an acapella ‘Jolene’ and a piece called Eriskay Lovelilt.

Finally we ended with a choral version of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – A crowd pleaser to be sure and great fun to sing (if a little complicated).

Again Village Voices delivered an outstanding performance – Well done all!